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Choosing Your Health Insurance

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Cold & Flu

Colds and flu (influenza) are two of the world’s least welcome travelers. Whereever they go they can bring on a runny nose... ...read more

Looking After Your Kidneys

A simple blood test and urine sample can reveal a lot about the overall state of your health. Eminent Hong Kong... ...read more


  • As you know, we have been absolutely delighted with the service Abacare have provided on all levels – the effort made to understand our needs during the initial consultation meetings, the assistance provided in ‘de-mystifying’ the range of insurance options to select a provider that best suited our needs, the training provided to our HR staff and individual members and the immediate on hand assistance/advice as individual queries emerged.

    Vanessa Cumbers
    - Dipont Education, HR Director
  • “Abacare has a group of professionals with great knowledge specializing on International Private Medical Insurance. Their customer’s centric approach is the ideal selling strategy to maintain a good business relationship with insurer and to the best interest of their clients.”

    Ray Bond
    - Asia Pacific, Bupa, Former Head of Sales
  • “[Abacare's] advice to individual colleagues seeking medical care has always managed to leave the client feeling that her/his concerns are put in the forefront and at the same time, he has been clear to us all about the implications that claims will have on our group premium as well as the details of the local charges in Beijing.”

    Matthew Benjamin Farthing
    - International School, Headmaster
  • “I am proud to call Abacare my board of director’s broker. Abacare provides us personal numbers so I may contact them at any time. I have yet to meet a broker that provides such service!”

    Ms. Cissy Mu
    - Canadian International School, HR Director
  • “I appreciate the work Abacare does each year to find the best, most competitive policy for our group of foreign teachers. It is a comfort to know that our teachers’ are being provided with a policy that covers them around the world with Abacare by their side. With such responsibility as HR, Abacare helps give me peace of mind.”

    Ms. Wang Yan
    - Alliance Francaise