Employee Benefits include various types of non-wage compensation provided by employers to employees in addition to their normal salaries.

As the competition for human talent intensifies globally, creating a competitive edge in staff recruitment and retention demands innovation and agility in human resource strategies. Employee benefit programs form a critical part of this strategy.

At Abacare, we advise on solutions to help you manage your cost and risk, build innovative insurance program structures and obtain competitive pricing. By combining our years of experience in the industry and a detailed needs analysis, we are able to provide you with a program tailored to ensure that you meet your corporate objectives.

Should you choose to purchase your health insurance policy through Abacare, we will:

  • Conduct a detailed analysis of your requirements by
    • Analysing your current policy conditions and claims trend
    • (Optionally) surveying your staff
    • Providing industry comparisons
  • Tailor a plan to best match your employee benefit needs
  • Review and compare the options available in the market
  • Facilitate and manage the implementation process
  • Deliver training to your staff and HR department
  • Provide daily support to your HR function and employees throughout the policy duration
  • Continuously monitor and advise you on the performance of your plan at quarterly/half-yearly review meetings
  • Check that the plan continues to best meet your needs each year at an annual renewal meeting
  • Optional extra services include arranging health talks, vaccinations and inoculations for your staff and hospital/clinic tours.


At Abacare, we have vast experience and expert knowledge in the general insurance market. Through our global network of trusted brokers, we are able to handle all of your insurance needs under one roof regardless of your geographic location.  

Asking a professional can help you fully understand the exact terms of your policy and save you money.