Can a business seminar change a company? Definitely no.
Can it create the opportunity for people to change their way of thinking to transform their company? Definitely yes!

Abacare senior management finished a 3 day workshop called 'realizing our future' last week, a program we started in February with Louise Sullivan from www.vantogroup.com. An 8 month amazing adventure for us.

In February we created what is now the alignment of who we are at abacare:

We transform lives
We are committed to excellence
You can count on us
改变人生 承诺卓越 值得信赖

On 15 October, at the end of the seminar, we have now defined directions and a road map for the year ahead with clear define objectives and results we want to achieve. We created a vision for abacare’s future with projects like: abacare app , abacare Academy, abacare Help Desk/client servicing/concierge service available 24 hours all year round. We are committed to developing these projects in 2018.

We ended this workshop on a high note as a team of dedicated leaders motivated to work as a team to inspire people and clients around us.