Keeping strong friendships

The need to feel connected to others is universal among humans.

Friendship is a basic connection next to family. Companionship from our friends brings joy, contentment ,is proven to extend life expectancy and can lower the chances of heart disease. Friendships provides people a deep sense of comfort, identity, and belonging.

Friendships that enrich our lives can give us positive energy, boosts our well-being, provide a trusted and safe environment to share with another and become an essential part of who we are, as we journey through the peaks and valleys in life. And are one of the greatest treasures we can experience. 

Consider these tips on how to keep your best friends:

Be honest

Healthy and mature friendship is based on honesty. You must be honest with each other to achieve a solid bond. Having a friend who can openly share thoughts can help you discover more about yourself and grow as an individual at every stage of life.

Communicate mindfully

Speaking mindfully is also necessary in order to keep good friends. Carefully weigh what you say, when you say it, and how you say it. Know when to speak up and when to listen. It’s better to keep silent if you have nothing good to say. Every word will have a ripple effect on the quality of the relationship and it can either make or break it.

Give them space

Don’t make a big deal when they have delayed responses on your texts, calls, or emails. A mature friendship knows their lives do not revolve around each other. Exploring independent interests will give good friendships space to breathe. Sometimes a little me time is beneficial.

Be trustworthy

Having a friendship built on honesty, transparency, and knowledge of what information should be kept in confidence is a way of showing genuine interest in your friend’s well-being and contributes in establishing trust.

Be a positive force

Sometimes we forget to show gratitude when there is too much familiarity. Be a vocal witness to your friend’s achievements.Random acts of kindness is an easy way to show them your appreciation.

The nature of friendship may change eventually but the key to keeping relationships strong and healthy is to be open. It can be as simple as accepting one’s strengths and weaknesses . Applying these tips can help you keep more good friends.

Friends also play a significant role in promoting overall health. Here is an infographic by WebMD:

Let’s celebrate friendship day as a reminder that friends play a vital role in our healthy and happy life.

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