Things to Consider Before Starting A Family

The role of a “parent” has a wide definition. According to Meriam dictionary, the word parent means that a person brings up and care for another offspring. Parenting comes with a responsibility that remains constant in order to raise children to be the best person they can be.

Being a parent is a hugely rewarding part of life, yet it can also be challenging.

People these days are aware of how becoming a parent brought changes to their life. We have come up with our own list too,  that we believe one may consider prior to starting a family:


Couples must be on the same page.  A healthy couple must speak openly and honestly. By the time a couple considers having children, both must be able to work through anything with each other emotionally, physically, or spiritually. They must also assess whether their relationship is strong and healthy before deciding on having a baby.

Some questions a couple should consider:

  1. Are we satisfied with most parts of our lives?
  2. Are we satisfied with this relationship?
  3. Are we prepared to take on this new role?

Hesitations and doubts are completely normal, but it can also imply that one is not yet ready. Communication is vital when deciding on things that bring major life changes.

Make better choices.  Most of the times we overlook the possible outcomes of being a parent and we even fail to consider the things that matter. Even a simple question like, “Should I work full-time, or should I just opt to be a stay-at-home parent?”  will most likely flare up sooner or later that needs a thorough process of decision making. The couple must remember that choices and decisions can have an impact on their family. Choosing to make better choices can radically change lives for the better.

Shared parental responsibility also needs to be discussed beforehand to avoid conflict. This may be a no-brainer, but you will be surprised at how this part plays an essential factor in becoming the right parents.

Couples should be financially prepared. Raising a child has never been cheap. It carries not just a new responsibility but an additional set of expenses. In many cases, there will be considerations of moving to a bigger house and considering insurances.

Look into how a health insurance policy can protect the entire family during pregnancy and parenthood.

In becoming a parent, insurances like life, health insurance, and income protection should be looked into. These are risk-management options that can protect against financial hardships.

Dealing with the uncertainties and surprises of being a parent. It is good that we are prepared mentally, physically, and financially. However, the reality is that life has a special way of giving you surprises. Potential trials and challenges along the way are unavoidable. The best you can do is to be flexible and prepare yourself for anything and everything. Be totally open to the experience and just embrace in accepting uncertainties.

The greatest adventure of parenting is working it out as you go along. You will develop practices that define a great parent. Parenting will never be a 100% perfect but when a parent starts making plans, you are slowly taking the right process of committing to being a good parent.


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