Why life insurance is important to have

Life insurance is such an unusual topic to most of us especially to those who have little to no knowledge about it.

Some people believe that talking about and buying insurance is  taboo,like issuing your own death wish.

However, to some it is a strategic financial tool- an investment.

Life insurance is designed to protect your loved ones that rely on you for financial support. It secures your family’s financial stability in the event of a  benefit claim on your life insurance policy.

Take time to consider the risks and establish a plan that will give you and your family a support, to avoid a financial crisis.

When do you need life insurance?

Typical question people may ask about life insurance can be:

·       Is it only for people who have a family to support?

·       When would be the best time to get life insurance?

An advisor is the best person to help you explore your options and can perfectly advise you according to your needs.

People needs change at different life stages. See the list below where you best fit:


  • Young Single Adults

Wondering why you should consider life insurance even when no one depends on you? The younger and healthier you are, the cheaper the policy will be. So that when the time you need it, you do not have to pay more due to your age and other possible complications. Additionally, if you have a family history of health issues, it is best to secure your future earlier. Especially in an event of emergencies, when you have life insurance, it covers critical illnesses and protects you from financial devastation. 

Most common critical illnesses cover these conditions and will vary by policy


  •     Young families

You can give all the gifts to your partner when you decide to get married but the best gift you can give is security for the future.

  •     Establish families

Every family is at a different stage with a unique need, but most established families are juggling kids at home or college plus the demands of a job, and it’s time to secure the unexpected setback and an additional step to protect what you have. 

  •     Protecting your Children

Most people find this as not beneficial since kids do not have dependents, but it is a smart move when you provide them with life insurance. It’s not just about helping them to get a head start on life but allowing them to provide a life of security. 

Senior Citizens

If a person in their 50s or 60s starts to realize to have life insurance options, it can be limited and usually come with high rates. Guidance from a professional advisor will ensure they get the best rates according to their needs. The selection is easier when you use the right choice of a life insurance policy will depend on the person if what he/she wants.

As people go through life events, there will be a need for insurance. The fact is, insurance is taken to protect, care, and provide safety for the future. 

It gives peace of mind that there will be financial security and stability options for your loved ones.

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