Why marrying in the month of June means you are a bride for life.

There is an interesting reason why June is the most popular month to marry.

June is named after a Roman goddess, Juno. She is a Roman version of the Greek goddess of marriage, Hera. Juno is the protector of women in all aspects of life, especially in marriage and childbearing.

Therefore, a wedding in Juno’s month is considered being a sign of future success in marriage.

The month of June continues to be the popular month for a wedding celebration in most parts of the world. Some people also believe that it marks the start of moderate temperatures and good weather. Most people also believe that flowers are cheaper during June.

Whether a bride decides to marry because of customs and/or beliefs, June is a special month, it is better to take note of all the preparations. In having a dream wedding, it is best to make all the preparations ahead of the time.

Check out a step-by-step wedding planning timeline to help achieve your dream wedding.

We also chart the unforgettable ceremonies. Here are the most over-the-top weddings ever:

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West
Catherine Zeta Jones and Michael Douglas
Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise
Amit Bhatia and Vanisha Vittal
Abacare International Insurance Brokers
source: www.ivoryisledesigns.com
Prince William and Kate Middleton

Weddings are one of the most anticipated events in most people’s lives. A momentous event where two people unite and celebrate a lifelong commitment to each other.

Marriage is an important decision and isn’t something to enter lightly. When a person is ready for marriage, it means he or she is open to every experience and a new life. One of the smartest moves anyone can do is a plan and be prepared.

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