The difference with abacare is the care they give to their customers. When we have a problem, they do intervene extremely quickly and with care.


The standard of service received throughout the time has been consistently excellent. In particular, abacare's attention during medical emergencies has been outstanding.


Not only you provided him with a comprehensive insurance care and daily attention, but also an important human factor to the whole family. I believe this is not very common, but rather quite unique.


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A small health incident once again demonstrated the effectiveness and especially the services of Abacare. Thibaud was great and very supportive. Imad and Thibaud also provided good advice to us a few years ago. Congratulations Thibaud and your team on what you have achieved in Asia.


You can count on us

I want once again to commend the outstanding professionalism coupled with disponibility and kindness of your associate Anne-Claire Vu. She not only was able to sort out again - a big mess from hospital/insurance miscommunication for me, but also gracefully helped me with administrative headaches when I switched hospitals for physiotherapy. For these reasons, once again, I highly recommend Anne-Claire and Abacare.


I am very pleased and satisfied with the services rendered by Mr. Richard Chua, Client Servicing Executive, Abacare Singapore. He assisted me in my queries promptly and efficiently. I would definitely contact him in future.


The care and service provided by Thibaud became very clear to me when I learnt that I had a tumour in my lung, he knew how to advise me and helped me to manage my choices, he supported me right up to the day of my surgery. This experience has created a very strong bond between us and I am now healed. I will never forget the diligence and support from Thibaud who knew exactly how to act with humanity and I thank him again sincerely


...It would have been a very heavy financial burden to be paying the high fees demanded by the hospital. Your recommendation for medical insurance enabled us to have our daughter well treated and at no cost for us.


We transform lives

Abacare has proven to us they truly understand our needs and their professional, yet friendly, approach has given us peace of mind.


I was impressed by the professional attitude of the team and their expertise. I would recommend Abacare wholeheartedly to anyone who is looking for protection.


Congratulations and thank you and your teams (but especially to you). Again, your professional advice on insurance plan choices and your support in the whole process has been perfect without fail.


Thanks to Anne-Claire Vu’s professionalism, she resolved a lot of uncertainties regarding my surgery. For these reasons, I highly recommend Anne-Claire and Abacare.


Abacare has been a provider to us and its schools since 2005. The standard of service received throughout the time has been consistently excellent. In particular, Abacare's attention during medical emergencies has been outstanding. We recommend Abacare without hesitation.


My very special thanks and my deepest appreciation and gratitude for the extraordinary efforts of your associate Mr. Anton Wen. He has been responsible for the challenging coordination of communications between IHI Bupa, the doctors and administrations of hospitals in Hong Kong and overseas.


We have been dealing with your company for over six years and are grateful to you for giving your personal attention to our requirements. Kindly convey my sincere appreciation to your team for the excellent professionalism displayed by them in dealing with our insurance matters.


I have relied on Abacare's advice regarding all insurance matters for more than 10 years for my companies and for the protection of my homes and family. Their service has been dedicated and exemplary throughout our association. They will always have my business.


...I did not have to move a penny. This is the result of your advice and your support that has demonstrated, once again, its relevance and effectiveness.


We are commited to excellence

Just to let you know what a great service I had from Abacare, particular thanks to Delilah Fernandes, who was my constant point of contact, empathetic and reliable. She provided peace of mind. Of course Marc Denny kicked the whole thing off.


We thank you and the entire team at Abacare, Abacare has demonstrated extreme good faith in our long relationship for which we cannot thank you enough except to say that it is sincerely appreciated.


I attribute some of that good news because of the speed and effectiveness of your care when I needed hospitalization. Abacare’s good relationship with the hospital also illustrates the quality service of your company. In the case of accidents and emergencies, everyone knows the importance of responsiveness. And your company is excellent in that.


I must say I am impressed and very thankful that you pulled off what I feared impossible.