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Should you like further information about life insurance, we encourage you to get in touch directly with our financial advisors! Click on the button insurance “Free Quote”.

Life Insurance for Individuals & Families

Life insurance proceeds can provide your family and business with financial stability to:

  • Temporarily or fully replace your income
  • Pay outstanding debts
  • Cover funeral costs
  • Finance your children’s education
  • Protect the retirement plans of your spouse/partner

Accidents happen unexpectedly and may be with tragic results. Take some time to consider the risks, for example, having a contingency life insurance plan is like having a flashlight in case of blackouts - it may not illuminate the whole place but it will surely give you the light to guide you through financial crisis.

Abacare as your insurance broker, can and will assist you in finding the best plan to suit your needs and can help you get covered with appropriate life insurance! Our licenced advisors can guide you through a full needs-analysis to ensure that your needs are clearly identified. Working with our skilled and trained professionals, you can relieve any burden you may be feeling and put your mind at ease.

There are various types of life insurance plans from different insurance companies offered in the market that are available in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing and Singapore. It is important that you consider the benefits of the plans that are made available to you and to your family and to your business. With our guidance, you are in control of ensuring the best decision is made in protecting you, your family and your business. With the right plan, you can have peace of mind knowing you’re protecting your family when tragedy strikes. Crisis should not result in financial tragedy, so call us today for a free quote for any of the following: See list

  • Term life insurance (T1-30)
  • Whole life insurance - also known as "Permanent life insurance"
  • Critical illness
  • Income Protection / guaranteed income plan
  • Savings insurance / Saving product

Who Should Get Medical Insurance

  • Individuals
    • Protecting their dependents
    • Protecting themselves financially in case of critical illness
  • Young professionals protecting their future
  • Young families
    • Protecting their children's future
    • Protecting their assets against accident/death
  • Establish families
    • Planning for their children's education
    • Complementing their pension
  • Senior citizens
    • Having long term financial security
    • Protecting their children and grandchildren

How many of us knew that life insurance isn’t only for individuals but can also be applied to corporate groups? Corporate companies can be beneficiaries of a life insurance policy. Companies can also purchase life insurance and utilise it for several complications that may arise in case something unpleasant happens.

There are several benefits and opportunities when you purchase and acquire life insurance through a private corporation. There are also complexities that will be encountered. You may experience having tax issues, shareholder agreements, compliance issues and others. As your insurance broker, we are here to provide consultation for you, ensuring whatever issues your company will face, it will be addressed properly. We are here to provide you insurance solution that will cater to your concerns. Just leave it to us and we will make sure you will be at ease.

There are many different types of life insurance from insurance companies available in countries like Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai and Singapore. Everyone needs insurance including life insurance for your business. Life insurance can be used to pay for a corporate debt, buy a shareholders’ stocks, back up operating capital, protect loans and improve a business’ ability to obtain financing, provide key person protection and fund buy-sell transactions. We want to help you choose the right life insurance plan for your company. These types of life insurances are useful to the company serving variety of purposes. See list

  • Group term life insurance
  • Accidental death and disablement (AD&D)
  • Critical illness (CI)
  • Total permanent disability (TPD)
  • Disability income (DI)

Who Should Get Medical Insurance

  • Business owners
  • Companies protecting themselves from
    • Third party negligence
    • Faulty products
  • Company directors & officers
  • Private sectors